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Guaranteed Solo Mails

500+ Unique Views on EVERY SOLO!

Guaranteed Solo Mails offers solo’s that will deliver 500+ views each and every time. NOT just views though but UNIQUE ip views!

Great upgrade offers and nice commissions!

The upgrade rate on Marty’s sites is always very high. So sign up now, upgrade, grab your link and go make some commissions!

Unlock A List Of Thousands Right Now

Time to discover List Unlocked!

If you want more traffic, sign-ups and sales, you’re going to love this.

Instant access to thousands of leads.

An email list that keeps growing.


By the same guys who own Fast List Mailer so you know exactly what you can expect:

– Quality email list
– New members every day
– Active membership
– Generous commissions
– Special promotions

And of course awesome support.

Use this site daily to get traffic and generate leads for your business.

Get your List Unlocked membership today.

Happy Advertising!

The New Revolution, Guaranteed OPENED Mails!

It’s time to start a new revolution in mailing!

The numbers of mailers out there is staggering.

The number of mailers that are failing is staggering.

The number of mailers that never fulfill the upgrades purchased by their members is staggering.

It’s about time to bring an end to the old way of mailing!

Guaranteed Mails is going to shake up the mailing market by delivering mails according to opened, unique IPs!

That’s right!

Your credits are exchanged for views, or opened mails.

Upgrades are based on how many opened mails you get not how many you can mail to.

After all, you can mail to thousands, but if only 10 open your mail you are not going to get very good results.

The prices are beyond reasonable, and Launch Lifetime offers are really a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to get an upgrade that delivers from DAY 1 till the last!

Guaranteed Mails delivering exactly what you expect or BETTER, Every Time!

Join Guaranteed Mails Today!

What’s in a name?…Conversion Mail gets you RESULTS

This one is for Serious Marketers ONLY!

These guys don’t mess around with penny bribes and people who will click on your ads just to earn a few cents.

Convert your email marketing into high paying sales and commissions!

This is one mailer you will see results from.

The OTO is priced LOW, but goes up every 2 days during launch week! Even at the high point it will be one of the best valued upgrades in the industry!

Just look at what you get:

Mail 3500 free every two day!
Another 2500 with credits.
Earn 50 percent on OTO Sales!
40 perfect on advertising!
30000 Bonus Credits!
10 banners with 2000 Impressions!
5 Text Ads with 2000 Impressions!
2 Login Ads with 500 Views!
3 Solo Ads ( Available at 2000 members)
3 Gift Slots!

Many More Advantages!

I’m an upgraded member at all Land Marketing sites for a reason… They give me results!

p.s. use promo code LandMarketing for 2000 Credits, 4000 Banners, 4000 Texts and 2 Login Ads!

Mailer Referrals Made Easy

SimpleMailBuilder makes is easy to build your downlines, in all your favorite mailers!

Just add your IDs and promote just one URL!

You now have the ability to get multiple sign-ups in your mailer downlines… Adding yet another income stream to your marketing portfolio!

And that’s not all, you will receive your very own FREE ebook, Simple Mailer Basics. It’s chock-full of tips and tricks to finally get organized with mailers.

AND as an upgraded member, you can rebrand it with your very own links to use as a free
give-a-way, as well as collect 50% commissions.

You can use it as another great tool to help build your list!

Marcy did a great job with this ebook. It has some awesome tips in it. Be sure to pick up a copy:

Hot New Mailer, Here For The Long Term

Kenny Kolijn just launched a new mailer that is creating quite a buzz.

It’s pretty cool!

It’s called Fast List Mailer.

Get on board and claim a promo code that will give you a Cash Bonus and a bunch of advertising credits:

– 2.00 Cash
– 500 mailing credits
– 1000 banner impressions
– 1000 text ad impressions
– 1000 square banners – WOW!

It’s all instantly added to your Fast List Mailer account when you enter this Promo Code.

Plus… Earn 20-30-50% Commissions for sharing this TRAFFIC source !

Is this going to be YOUR List?


Claim the Promo Code NEWMEMBER

Happy advertising!

*NEW* It’s NOT Crazy! It’s Zaney Mailz!

Everyone knows that mailers are one of the best places to find hot new prospects and add more active subscribers to your list!

Did you also know that the same awesome owner from Zaney Clicks has a brand new mailer, and when it comes to crazy responsiveness, Zaney Mailz is tops!


It’s easy to earn when your mails are delivered with purrfect paws that handle your mails without a scratch! It’s not crazy, it’s Zaney Mailz!

Come get your share of the creme de la creme in email advertising and see why so many of our members are so purrfectly content!

See You there!


P.S. I’m still grinning like the Chesire cat over the incredible OTO I snatched up! Don’t let that deal slip through your paws…

Attention All List Builders (Must see)

Traffic Zip is a unique site that will allow you to get free traffic and have all your referrals send their 1st 4 signups to join YOUR LIST first before they can experience the power of Traffic Zip themselves.

Secondly as a member you’ll be able to email thousands of people helping you drive more traffic to your offers.

> Earn up to 100% commissions

> Get REAL TRUE VIRAL traffic

> Your referrals 1st 4 signups join YOUR list

> Viral lead generation truly made easy

The best part about Traffic Zip is ANYONE can use it. It\’s easy to setup and it works with ANY autoresponder service.

Join today and get $100 in free advertising.

Use promo code: newmember

Join today:

Key List Marketing: Unlock Your Potential

I came across this awesome safelist, called Key List Marketing!

Patti and Jeff Boquist and Nancy Radlinger have put their heads
together and come up with a fantastic site.

They don’t hand out tons of credits for free, which is great!

How’s that?

Well people actually have to open your emails to earn credits!
That’s why my click through rate here is just wonderful:-)

This site is just starting to grow and definitely worth promoting!

I highly recommend joining this one:

Pay attention to the special deal when you log in the first time, because
you will never see it again. This is your only chance to get the most benefits
with the lowest cost! Choose