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What’s in a name?…Conversion Mail gets you RESULTS

This one is for Serious Marketers ONLY!

These guys don’t mess around with penny bribes and people who will click on your ads just to earn a few cents.

Convert your email marketing into high paying sales and commissions!

This is one mailer you will see results from.


The OTO is priced LOW, but goes up every 2 days during launch week! Even at the high point it will be one of the best valued upgrades in the industry!

Just look at what you get:

Mail 3500 free every two day!
Another 2500 with credits.
Earn 50 percent on OTO Sales!
40 perfect on advertising!
30000 Bonus Credits!
10 banners with 2000 Impressions!
5 Text Ads with 2000 Impressions!
2 Login Ads with 500 Views!
3 Solo Ads ( Available at 2000 members)
3 Gift Slots!

Many More Advantages!


I’m an upgraded member at all Land Marketing sites for a reason… They give me results!

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