Tools, Tips & Tricks

Easily format your emails

I often see people sending emails, in which the text goes all the way across the screen…. not very good for readability. Well…problem solved! Use the free formatting tool at

This is one to bookmark!


Be specific in your subject line!

Specific subject lines that set expectations for what the email message will contain perform the best. Use numbers and percentages in your subject line when possible.

Focus on writing a subject line that tells exactly what your email is about.


Include a keyword phrase

As you write your subject line, think about what keyword phrase someone might use to find the information you’re delivering in your email. When someone scans his inbox and sees the keyword phrase in your subject line, on a topic he wants more information about – he’ll open your email.

Think about what keywords you can use to get your subscribers attention.


Try and Keep your subject line under 50 characters

Subject lines longer than 50 characters are in danger of being cut off by many email readers. And in my experience shorter subject lines perform better, some of my best subject lines have been very short..

Focus on including the most important information at the beginning of your subject line. You can shorten  your subject line using these tips:

Use Synonyms
Delete unnecessary words
Try Symbols Instead or Words


Name personalization works!

I must admit… I don’t always use it, but… including your prospect’s name in the subject line of your email does increase open and click through rates.

Lots of safelists and mailers allow name personalization. Use it to your advantage!


Be Honest!

People do not like to be tricked. Don’t use a subject line that has nothing to do with the content of your message or the program or product you are promoting.

Don’t use “Bad News” and “Here’s your Commission” subject lines. Your email might get a good open rate, but it will not get you the positive response you’re looking for.

While a bit of hype is ok, NEVER EVER lie in your advertising!


Call To Action

If you are promoting a product with a limited time offer, use that information in your subject line. A subject line that makes your subscriber feel they need to open your email now and act immediately will get results.

You can use words like:
Last Chance
Don’t Miss This
Ends Today
Only a few hours left
Final Day
1 Day Only


Test your subject lines

Always test your subject lines to find out which get the most opens and click throughs.

I use Viral Mail Profits to keep track of the click throughs. If you do a lot of email marketing, you need this!